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An international collective of visionary artists dedicated to exploring the intersections of technology, culture, and the environment. We are committed to fostering diversity and innovation in the art world through curated projects and collaborative events.
Through a dynamic fusion of digital art, multimedia installations, and avant-garde performances, we seek to challenge conventional narratives and inspire new ways of thinking about the future.
Comprising diverse members, our collective  harnesses cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices to create thought-provoking, immersive experiences. Our work is committed to sustainability, inclusivity, and a forward-thinking approach to art and society.
Our goals include collaborating with global artists, supporting artistic endeavors, and creating diverse art projects, such as exhibitions and public installations, to foster a vibrant and interconnected artistic community.


   : A Stop in a Desert

17.05.24 - 23.05.24
Official Opening: May 17 at 19:00
Free admission

Medina Art Gallery
Via Angelo Poliziano 32-34 | Rome
The desert as an absence of a home, a ruined land or a land that was never intended for man.
The place where we originated and where we may return.
"Nomads of the Future: A Stop in a Desert" Exhibition in Rome, 2024
The exhibition "A Stop in a Desert" includes works united by the idea of ​​the rebirth of man in the desert, as well as about the desert as a metaphor for the eternal search, loss of landmarks, indistinguishability of the path, which is especially relevant in times of global historical events. The concept of the rebirth of man in the desert is an alternative to the usual Western thinking and lifestyle of our days. Those who expose themselves to extreme climates, the dangers and deprivations of desert life, believe in the possibilities of man.
Our first exhibition took place in Rome from May 17th to May 23rd, marking the beginning of a series of collective showcases across the world
Our roster of artists has since continuously expanded and evolved.
Olga Tsvetaeva
Riccardo Loredo
Michael Rivz
Joseph-Antoine de St André
Valery Marchenko
Maor Borochov
Asia Lupo
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